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    ONLY IF YOU WORK IN FORMULATION, R&D OR PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT for a personal care manufacturer you are invited to apply to attend these practical formulation training sessions presented by our exhibitors. If you do not usually work in a laboratory environment then these sessions are not for you. Attendance is free of charge but subject to confirmation.

    Here are the sessions that took place at in-cosmetics Asia 2017.

    Official Formulation Lab Partners:


  • How to create innovative and ultra-fresh textures with a bi-gel?

    Tuesday 31st October, 12:45-13:45

    In order to provide the skin with the right hydrating and nourishing levels, it is necessary to bring both hydrophilic and lipophilic components. This can generally only be achieved using emulsions stabilized by surfactants that can disturb the skin's natural balance and lead to irritation.

    Gattefossé, expert in the field of lipids and emulsions, has created ingredients that enable association of an oil phase and a water phase without any surfactant.

    Emulfree® CBG allows the creation of a unique structure, called a bi-gel, with innovative technical and sensorial properties.

    During this workshop, discover how to formulate easily a bi-gel.

    Anais Bonnefoy, Regional marketing and technical support manager

  • Less is more – Micellar technology

    Tuesday 31st October, 14:30 -15:30

    Within this lab session, you will be able to catch up the latest market trend on micellar technology. You are going to learn how to select ingredients highly suitable for your micellar make-up remover and the science and Evonik’s technology strengths behind it. Most importantly, you will have a great chance to explore the formulation preparation for both micellar water and micellar oil with our micellar experts, to experience the convenient and pleasant formulation process with your own hands-on. Welcome to the magic micellar world!


    Alex Jiang – Technical Service manager

  • EMULSIFIER-FREE? Yes! Selfie-ready Treatment Concealer

    Nikko Chemicals -
    Wednesday 1st November, 11:00 - 12:00

    Bare skin is a big trend these days and concealers are considered a “must-have” to achieve a flawless, selfie-ready look.  In this session, we will first create a W/O cream with high internal phase of water for a cooling touch. Pigments are then post-added to create a high-coverage treatment concealer. The emulsion is structured through reverse-hexagonal assembly where standard emulsifiers are not necessary. The product also leaves a comforting skin-care feel without the need for silicones.

    The session will be done in cold-process.

    Manami Kumagai, Formulator

  • One-step sensorial lotions and serums featuring formulator friendly GRANPREMUL 1005

    Grant Industries
    Wednesday 1st November, 14:30 -15:30
    Formulator-friendly GRANPREMUL 1005 is a unique sensory technology that allows for one step, one kettle cold process formulations. Its innovative hydrophilic design eliminates the formulation and processing challenges of standard silicone elastomer gels: such as the inconsistent appearance (from smooth to lumpy and even grainy texture variations), the sometimes inconsistent viscosity, and with its pourable design any pre-mix requirement or kettle transfer difficulties. GRANPREMUL 1005 is suggested to be added at 2-20% to improve the sensory aspects of formulations. Learn more at stand J10!

    Valerio Vergani, Regional Technical Manager-APAC

  • Solving Formulation Problems: Gums, Polymers & Sensory Materials

    Institute of Personal Care Sciences
    Wednesday 1st November, 16:15 -17:15

    Ever wondered how to fix or manipulate the viscosity of your formulation without impacting stability or sensory aspects? Ever wondered how to pick the right type of lipids from the hundreds of materials available? Join Belinda in this formulation lab as she shows you:

    • How to select the right type of gum/polymer to suit your application
    • Correct processing techniques of various gums/polymers available
    • Key incompatibilities and other method problems that may be causing an issue!
    • How to select the right lipids for your target market sensory requirements

    PLUS attendees will get a chance to put a sample together using the right techniques and materials for a pure sensory delight!

    Belinda Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science

  • Creating a CLEAR sulfate-, PEG-, PQ- and silicone-FREE shampoo with HIGH performance

    Thursday 2nd November, 11:00 -12:00

    Transparency in shampoos is a growing trend, but clear shampoos always had limited conditioning effect. At Ashland’s formulation lab, you will now be able to create a clear shampoo with a high degree of conditioning whilst maintaining clarity. The formulation also features our Gold award winner of Best Functional Ingredient - FiberHanceTM BM solution – launched earlier this year at In-Cos London, and it helps to enhance hair fiber inner strength.  Our N-HanceTM and N-DurHanceTM polymers will provide softening and durable conditioning effects.
    In this specially created formulation that is Free from Silicones, Sulfates and PQs, hair fibers will now get treated to a healthy dose of smoothing and strengthening effects, all within a clear shampoo!

    Mr Hemant  Deshmukh, Sr.Scientist- Hair Care

  • Solving Formulation Problems: Emulsions and Emulsifiers

    Institute of Personal Care Sciences
    Thursday 2nd November, 14:30 -15:30

    What is the best emulsion formulation structure? How can you manipulate the viscosity, skin feel and aesthetics of an emulsion? What is HLB all about anyway, and does it really matter? Join Belinda in this formulation lab as she shows you:

    • How to select the right type of emulsifiers for various formulation types and product needs
    • Correct processing techniques and how to manipulate skin feel and viscosity
    • Key incompatibilities and other method problems that may be causing an issue
    • How to select the emulsifiers for your target market sensory requirements
      PLUS attendees will get a chance to put a sample together using innovative materials to solve their emulsifier selection issues!


    Belinda Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science

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