Halal Discovery Theatre

  • Halal beauty is anticipated to be one of the hottest industry topics for both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers around the world.

    Get expert insights from certified bodies, ingredient suppliers and beauty brands with these specially curated presentations that focus on the Halal beauty industry and its personal care developments.

    Located within the brand new Halal Cosmetics Zone, the Halal Discovery Theatre is free to attend for all visitors.

  • 11:30 - 12:00

    Towards Malaysia Halal cosmetics compliance (MS2634:2019 - Malaysia Halal Cosmetics Standard)

    There are seven different kind of halal certification schemes in Malaysia and one of them are cosmetics. For any companies who wants to produce halal cosmetics, they need to adhere to the standards and procedures set by the Halal Hub Department, JAKIM, the sole authority of halal certification body in Malaysia.

    One of the main general reference that can be used by them are the Malaysia Halal Certification Procedure Manual (2014) developed by JAKIM. For more specific requirements (eg. cosmetics), companies need to refer to the Malaysian Standard 2200:2008 – Islamic Consumer Goods (Part 1) developed by Standard Malaysia.

    Due to the growing popularity of halal cosmetics in Malaysia and the increasing demand from international companies for clearer guidelines in halal cosmetics, Standard Malaysia has announced the updated standard for halal cosmetics known as MS2634:2019 – Halal Cosmetics – General Requirements (1st Revision).

    Speaker: Mohd Iskandar Illyas Tan, Deputy Director, Halal Technology Consortium, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

    12:15 - 12:45

    A holistic approach to Halal beauty

    The halal beauty market is expected to keep its world-wide face-paced growth over the next few years, as beauty brands will take on a holistic approach to give answer to this rising demand, open to Muslim and non-Muslim consumers.

    To give answer to this, LipoTrue active ingredients and manufacturing process have been certified as Halal. This certification reaffirms LipoTrue’s commitment to the inclusive beauty concept and follows other intertwined trends in the market. This certification adds to beauty brands a wider consumer base, offering more transparency in the origin, quality, safety and manufacturing process.

    Speaker: Silvia Pastor, Head of Scientific Research & Business Development, Lipotrue S.L

    13:00 - 13:30

    Malaysia’s Halal infrastructure for cosmetics

    Halal is among the fastest growing global business in the world. The total value of the global Halal market is estimated at USD2.3 trillion a year. There is huge potential in the Halal sector and the global Halal market is a largely untapped market which covers food and non-food products such as cosmetics and toiletries. In the Halal cosmetics sector alone, the market is expected to reach USD82 billion annually by the year 2022.

    Malaysia’s experience and expertise especially in the Halal development, standards and certification, particularly Halal Malaysia, have been considered as the benchmark for interested parties seeking knowledge and technology in Halal. Malaysian Halal manufacturing capabilities continue to be the standard of choice for investors, manufacturers and consumers worldwide, which is not only associated to quality products but also with international best practices which is observed throughout the entire supply chain.

    Speaker: Mawarni Hassan, Consultant & Halal Advocate

    15:15 - 15:45

    Halal beauty: serve the underserved

    Halal is a way of life, it is a holistic concept embracing the values of safety, purity and integrity in the way products are made and sold.

    We, at DSM intend to carry on developing our Halal product portfolio and aim to better serve the underserved.

    Speaker: Fabrice Guillemard, Regional Marketing Lead APAC, DSM Nutritional Products

    10:45 - 11:15

    Halal requirements for cosmetics in Indonesia

    The Muslim market is growing and the important requirement for products for the Muslim market is halal. There are some requirements to be fulfilled by cosmetics industry to produce halal cosmetics. In this presentation Muti Arintawati will explain the halal requirements for cosmetics products in Indonesia.

    Speaker: Muti Arintawati, LPPOM MUI

    11:30 - 12:00

    Halal bioactives from the deep sea

    As the innovative formulators hunt for new ingredients that are effective and safe, new arenas should be explored to arrive at the Halal destination.

    Antioxidants are an inevitable class of actives in skin care and there is always a need for novel compounds for anti-ageing and sun care. Marine ferment extracts for skin care is minimally explored in the Halal segment but the Biotech division of Kumar Organic Products Ltd has surfaced with some very interesting free radical scavenging peptides from the deep sea.

    The presentation brings to light, Kopscavenga, the cocktail of low molecular weight Halal peptide extracts from the fermentation of marine Actinomycetes which hold the potential for the next generation antioxidants.

    Speaker: Maya Paul, R&D Manager, Kumar Organic Products Limited

    13:00 - 13:30

    Halal regulation evolution in Indonesia

    The Indonesian halal market is one of the biggest growing markets due to the high number of Moslem consumers. For a Moslem-majority country like Indonesia, one of important thing to consider when buying or consuming daily product is halal. Therefore halal assurance has become one of key concern of the Indonesia government.

    Dewi will share brief update on Indonesia halal regulation evolution that might impact to cosmetic industry. She also provides insight on what are the implication of the regulation to cosmetic’s business. She will complement her session with brief overview on upcoming halal standard in Indonesia.

    Speaker: Dewi Rijah Sari, Founder & Expert Consultant, drs Consulta

    14:30 - 15:00

    Halal cosmetics based on plant stem cells

    The market of certified halal cosmetics is rapidly growing in South East Asia. To be successful in this growing but also competitive market the products not only have to meet the halal regulations but should also provide good performance and follow the latest trends. Therefore the use of novel ingredients  prepared by new technologies are mandatory.

    Mibelle Biochemistry developed the PhytoCellTec™ concept to prepare halal certified plant stem cells. The activity and applications of these breakthrough ingredients will be presented.

    Speaker: Fred Zuelli, Managing Director, Mibelle Biochemistry

    10:45 - 11:15

    Halal cosmetics: global opportunities and challenges

    Halal cosmetics are increasingly available, but breaking into the multi-billion dollar cosmetics market has not been easy. Halal cosmetics start-ups have had to compete for shelf space with established brands, while the recent surge in demand for natural, organic and vegan cosmetics is presenting further challenges to retain and expand market share.

    With consumers around the world increasingly concerned about traceability and a product’s ingredients, it is a trend that is perfectly aligned with Halal cosmetics.

    What’s holding the sector back, and where is the market heading? What are the future opportunities for cosmetics brands and manufacturers?

    Speaker: Paul Cochrane, Senior Associate, DinarStandard

    13:00 - 13:30

    How is Halal beauty redefining the Asian cosmetic market

    Halal Certification became a requirement in Indonesia for every product, making it the 4th most populated country in the world a huge market for Halal beauty and innovation. The past three years saw the emergence of a massive number of local indie brands, who not only introduce make-up that can compete with international brands in terms of quality and colour palette, but also advocate local pride and diversity in skin tones and beauty features.

    In these countries, Halal is becoming the new norm for clean and safe beauty, also attracting consumers concerned with ethics and vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

    This presentation will highlight how dynamic these markets are, promoting a very unique redefinition of beauty as halal, local and insta-friendly!

    Speaker: Heloise Lefebvre du Prey, SEA Project Manager, ASIA COSME LAB

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