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    For R&D lab staff working for a cosmetic manufacturer only: These free-to-attend, interactive training sessions will help you learn the secrets to create winning formulations, from personal care ingredient experts.

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  • 11:00 - 12:00

    Naturally emulsifying - Cold process technology

    The most demanding challenge for a cosmetic formulator is probably to find eco-friendly emulsifiers that can produce finished formulas with good performance and pleasant sensory attributes, using a cold process technology. Through years of research, Innovacos has developed an expertise in polyglycerol technology. This know-how has led to a new generation of polyglycerol-based emulsifiers known as PolyAquol™. 

    PolyAquol™ VO4 , the newest member of PolyAquol™ line, introduces a new concept of water and oil fusion emulsions which breaks the known rules of conventional cosmetic formulations. During the lab session, the participants will have the chance to formulate a green emulsion, with unique skin-feel properties, by using PolyAquol™ VO4 and a low energy method, that will save both time and money.

    Speaker: Sonia Dini, R&D Formulator, Innovacos Corp.

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    12:45 - 13:45

    Minimalist regimen using the innovative cellulose nanofiber: AUROVISCO TM CS

    Clean & uncomplicated formulation is the new anti-trend against multi-step regimens or ‘maximalist’ formulas. In this lab session, we utilize the unique stabilization properties & fresh sensorials of AUROVISCO TM CS to develop a pared-down yet effective formulas in cold process.

    Formula 1: Vitamin C Oil Drop Essence
    A macroemulsion system stabilizing a plant-derived oil-soluble Vitamin C derivative (Nikkol VC-IP V) for multiple effects & visual impact.

    Formula 2: Silicone-free Milk Jelly
    A jelly milk that incorporates non-silicone plant-based ingredients that helps protect hair against daily damage.

    Speaker: Haruna Sawaguchi, Researcher, Formulation and Concept Development, Cosmos Technical Center Co., Ltd. / Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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    14:30 - 15:30

    Urban renewal silicone-free melting cleansing balm

    At this Ashland formulation workshop, you will prepare a modern trendy cleansing balm.

    Treat yourself to this emollient-rich yet gentle cleanser that melts onto the skin. This serene cleansing balm infused with Patchouli oil, leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated. Your skin will feel thoroughly clean, yet relaxed and well moisturized.

    Speaker: Gwendolyn Neoh, Technical Service Manager, Ashland Singapore Pte Ltd

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    16:15 - 17:15

    Formulating performing W/O emulsions using a natural patented technology

    Gattefossé has applied its strong knowledge in lipid chemistry to the development of Emulium® Illustro, an innovative water-in-oil emulsifier of natural origin. Using a patented technology based upon polyglycerol esters, Emulium® Illustro demonstrates superior performance and stability.

    Flexible, easy to use and suitable for cold processing, this new ingredient enables the formulation of fluid textures that are comfortable to wear and bring a soft and hydrated feel to the skin, similar to silicones.

    This session will demonstrate the formulation of a W/O cream SPF20. Emulium® Illustro won the Gold Innovation Award in the Functional Ingredient category at in-cosmetics Global 2019.

    Speaker: Anais Bonnefoy, Regional Marketing Manager, Gattefossé

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    11:00 - 12:00

    Discover StarDesign™ power

    A powerful & nature-derived O/W emulsifier for high oil content cosmetic products (93% natural origin following the ISO 16128).

    Cargill Beauty's newest innovation is able to design a various range of textures from butter to lotion.

    Immerse yourself in a cocooning & caring environment and learn how to create our rich body lotion with 40% oil that is highly spreadable, non-tacky & non-greasy.

    Speaker: Jason Zhang, Asia Technical Manager, Cargill Beauty

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    12:45 - 13:45

    Gentle cleansing foam by all-natural bio-fermented multi-functional ingredient

    Come and join to see, touch and feel our magic: which are perfectly “gentle force” to clean your skin efficiently while super mildly as well.

    Thanks to Evonik Rheance Glycolipids platform, a breakthrough in fermentation technology, now enables commercial production of nature-identical biomolecules generated entirely from sugars.

    Join Evonik, you’ll get to know the secret of mild while efficient cleaning formula with fancy foam property as well as various manipulating functionalities (Want to know? Register now, let’s explore together…)

    Speaker: Lisa Wu, Technical Manager, Evonik

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    14:30 - 15:30

    Silicone alternatives with strong green advantages for your face care products

    Clariant introduces Plantasens Flash, a plant-derived emollient with a silicone-like profile.

    In this session, we will show you that formulating face care products with this green performer is easy and provides high performance formulations without the use of silicones. Come and experience this new alternative!

    Speaker: Carina Chaluppa, Formulation Specialist, Clariant

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    16:15 - 17:15

    Pressed serums for new and fresh skin care textures

    Introducing our unique pressed serum technology with GRANHYDROGEL OS-5CS.

    Pressed serums or serum-moisturizer hybrids offer time saving performance in one product. What makes them so effective is the innovative formula design to provide the benefits of both a classic face cream and weightless serum together.

    Reference Grant formula G105-194.01: Cucumber Pressed Serum.

    Speaker: Valerio Vergani, Regional Technical Manager, IMCD (for Grant Industries)

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    11:00 - 12:00

    Formulation Lab to be confirmed

    Speaker: TBC

    12:45 - 13:45

    Lysofix ™, the natural and elegant cold process emulsifier

    What about formulating cold process senso-active products?

    Lysofix™ Liquid is a unique pure lysophospholipid based O/W emulsifier. Highly flexible, easy-to-use and cold processable, it emulsifies without thickening and enables the formulation of fluid lotions to creams with a silky and non-greasy skin feel. Experience its unique sensoriality in a minimalist formula!

    Combined with Lecigel™, the fluid lotion turns into a fresh and easy to spread gel-cream. Besides their impressive technical benefits, these ingredients bring active properties and boost bioavailability of other active ingredients.

    Come to discover these multifunctional ingredients, designed to create effective sensorial formulas by sustainable manufacturing process!

    Speaker: David Sim, Regional Laboratory Manager (APAC), IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

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    14:30 - 15:30

    Asianisation of skincare

    Asian-inspired beauty trends have gone global and the Asianisation of skincare has become a worldwide trend. Although, on the surface, Asia can come across as a continent of contrasts. Each country in the region has its own unique tastes and preferences, most of which are fueled by very specific skincare needs such as lifestyle, climate and skin type.

    Therefore, it is important to take these variables into account when formulating skin care for Asian consumers. The overall focus of Asian skincare is not only preventing pigmentation, increasing hydration for a flawless and healthy skin, but also protecting against environmental stress.

    Understanding consumers’ preferences is a key. We will provide you with emerging insights that are shaping the markets as well as firsthand information on cosmetic innovation in Asia. Meanwhile, our holistic ingredient approach offers endless possibilities to respond to a new emerging skip-care routine, which Asian consumers are embracing.

    Speaker: Sherrry Wu, Application Technology Manager, Merck Ltd.

    16:15 - 17:15

    Advanced sunscreen lotion with highly effective pigment dispersant

    Join Lubrizol's workshop and learn how to formulate a high SPF all-mineral sunscreen using Lubrizol’s Matrifuse™ S-1 dispersant without mess!

    Experience delightful sensory and exceptional transparency in this extremely simple formula. Matrifuse™ dispersant effectively separates the inorganic pigment particles and enhances formulation stability. Avalure™ Flex-6 CC polymer stabilises a high level of zinc oxide.

    In line with the “green” trend, using almost exclusively naturally-derived emulsifiers and no silicones, the lotion offers excellent skin feel that is soft and non-greasy.

    Speaker: Sofia Lee, Technical Service Engineer, Lubrizol

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